Planet Pet: The Rescue Boutique

Tucked away in the Berkeley District on Tennyson Street in Northwest Denver, Planet Pet is the little business that can. Opened in 2005, Planet Pet had a simple goal, save animals. The little "Rescue Boutique" offers the community all your pets needs, from collars and leaches to top quality food and treats. But in a new and modern twist, Planet Pet offers the best in adoptable pets. Unlike traditional pet stores, lining their shelves and windows with cats and dogs from puppy mills and breeders, Planet Pet provides an opportunity for shelter and stray animals to meet the general public. On a recent visit to Planet Pet you can meet Katie, a wonderful abandoned Siamese kitten found on the street and nursed back to health, now looking for a new home. You can spend some time with Lilian, a sweet Chihuahua mix, who would have been euthanized at the shelter, but has now been given a second chance. Since opening, Planet Pet has found homes for over 1,000 cats and dogs, this is just the beginning!